Thanksgiving snapshots

Here's a few very random shots from yesterday. I often forget I have my camera and bring it out at the wrong times. I'll spare you the 4 shots of people shoveling food into their mouths. I also didn't bother taking into account the poor lighting. It was a busy day for sure, and Kian was happy but exhausted by the end. Kevin enjoys that there are two big meals to eat and wishes we could have those huge meals every day.

Here's Grant in the jolly jumper waiting for dinner:

Kian trying to play with Grant in the jumper:

Lazy boys after dinner:

And onto the second feast. Here's Patrick (and Savannah) reminding us what we're eating:

Kian did not eat at the Glors', he ate too many crackers and pretzels before ate. He was starving by the time we got to my grandma's house. But, he only ate cranberry relish and jello salad at that meal.

Here's Bree (my cousin Carrie's little girl) with her huge, second piece of chocolate pie:

Kourt guarding her pies:

The leftovers, from 13 pies, was this (note how many takers the one and only mince meat got) :

Kian decided he loves chocolate pie. He kept finding people to give him more chocolate pie. He'd go in the kitchen and say "pie" and someone would give him another piece. I stopped counting after he got my mom, dad, Savannah, Kourtney and Patrick to all give him some, and there were more! I figure he had half a pie all by himself. Let's just say, he was up in the middle of the night, probably from a tummy ache, was not pleasant to change him this morning. Savannah was the only one who forgot to wipe off the evidence, but, this pie face says it all:

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Anonymous said...

wow, that was some feast.
Does Kevin know how much he would weigh if he ate like that all the time.
sure looked good.