The Tree Trip

Yesterday was a perfect day for cutting a Christmas tree, even if it didn't feel very Christmas-y out. It was clear, not too cold and not snowing. Which is completely the opposite of what it is every other year we go cut a tree. I bundled Kian up in layers and snow pants and jacket and mittens, poor kid was sweating by the time we got back to the car.

This year Kevin and Jon decided to actually use the tree carts provided for carrying the tree back to the car. Much better than last year as they carried/dragged it back.

Kian looked like the kid in the Christmas story, he could barely move in his snow suit. Oops.

This is where it fell apart. Kevin couldn't get the tree cut, Kian was having a melt down because Kevin was under the tree. He threw himself on the ground. The very muddy ground. Jon and I just laughed.

Oh but this makes it all better, free cookies, cider and a play truck!

We brought the tree in while Kian was napping. We had the lights and some ribbon on it when he woke up. He's been in love ever since. He was pretty surprised to see the tree IN the house. He wasted no time trying to help decorate it.

We only had one casualty so far. I let him hold the ornament balls. He smashed two together. One did not survive.

Halfway decorated. We haven't really finished it yet. We need to wait until he's in bed because he keeps taking them off. All the "who cares" ornaments and soft ornaments are on the bottom. Kevin does not like my ribbon.

After all that, and decorating the house with all the other holiday things, we curled up in jammies to watch Muppets Christmas Carol with popcorn and hot chocolate. Good times. Look how exhausted we are:


Louie said...

uh, terrible.

Rosie : ) said...

Looks like a fun trip to the tree farm. Unfortunetly, we have allergies in this house, so a plastic tree is our norm.I sure miss the smell of fresh pine tree though.