Work work work

This month, although it has 31 days, is short. Short work month because I am taking off almost 2 weeks from work around Christmastime. I usually try to take off at least a week around Christmas. I hate when time seems to fly by around the holidays and I can't enjoy it fully.

But, this means that I have to put my butt into super-high overdrive and get a ton of stuff done by the 23rd. Eek! Luckily, my required meetings for the month of December aer minimal. But, there aer still lots of calls to make, people to take care of, therapists to contact, parents to appease, you get the idea. And, since I still have notes from November to put in the computer, I best get going!!

Because, not only is there work to do at work, but there's work to do at home, Christmas baking to start, and presents to finish buying. Even though we've drastically cut our gift buying/exchanging, I still have 2 immediate members to buy for. I know, that's not much, but it's one more thing I want to check off my list!

Let the craziness begin!

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