New Tradition

I've decided on a new tradition: watching one, or a couple, Christmas movies each weekend. I know, I know, whoa, way to pull out the stops out right? But, while decorating this past weekend I finally realized just how many movies we have and how many we have never watched, let alone opened. I always try to catch them on directTv and miss them. So, duh! Each Saturday night will be turned into a movie theater night, complete with popcorn, hot chocolate, roaring fire, blankets and dim lights as we watch Bing dance across White Christmas, and tell Virginia there is a Santa Claus, and hear Linus narrate the first Christmas story... Sounds perfect to me. You?

Oh and if you want to know the best toys this Christmas, as in the ones with the least amount of lead, and other chemicals, check out at this specific list:

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stinko said...

but pepper can't be taught about santa?!