Thankful--a bit late

All month I kept reminding myself to blog about thankfulness, and what I was thankful for, and why it does a heart good to be grateful. I reminded it right out of my brain.

I loved Tulip Girl's November blogs, she posted 2-4 things (small or big) each day that she was thankful for, for the entire month of November! Honestly, I wanted to steal her idea, but then didn't want to be so obvious, and now I have nothing. Until now.

Everyone has their list of what they are thankful for and it typically includes family, friends, a home, a job, financial resources, children, pets, etc. I am extremely grateful for my family, my parents and in-laws who help us out and watch children, who help us supply and supplement our home; for friends to laugh with and cry with, to commiserate about work with; for my husband who works hard-too hard most of the time, and willingly gets up before the rest of the world in the dark; for my beautiful, happy, oh-so-smart (not such a) baby boy, who is just pure joy; for having a job; for being able to make ends meet; for Jon who willingly, even eagerly, yearns to drag our tree from a far field and stand in the blizzards with numb fingers to hang our lights each year. =)

I'm thankful. I'm learning to always be thankful. I'm thankful for those life lessons and the humility they bring me daily. I'm thankful for grace and mercy when I stumble and make mistakes. I'm thankful I can get back up again and continue on. Being thankful isn't a once a year "thing". It is an every day thing. Thankfulness is action, it's a verb, but it doesn't always come easily. I've learned in the past year through some difficult events and changes to be thankful in the dark times too. That whatever the outcome, I am loved, I am promised grace, promised eternity and joy no matter the circumstance. I am trying to practice thankfulness daily and to let others know my appreciation. it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day life and forget to show others their importance in my life. I challenge you to do the same.

And there are some fluff things I am thankful for too:
The first snowflakes of the season
Pink and orange sunsets
Kittens with pink noses
Rabbits and soft bunny fur
Bright yellow daffodils poking out of icy, brown ground
Aroma and taste of warm, fresh-baked bread
Warm, spiced cider
Christmas paper with bows
Cats who sleep on my feet and keep them warm at night
cell phones
good day cares and teachers who care
baby kisses
baby toes
being called 'mama'
bonfires and marshmallows
hammocks in the warm summer nights
stars on a clear, cloudless night
rocking chairs
burp cloths
cloth diapers
garage sales
video cameras
lip gloss
baby curls
big, blue baby eyes
tight hugs
snuggles under the covers
white out
the beach
sand, but not in my house or shoes
bare toes-everywhere
wood stoves
flexible jobs
my *gasp* minivan which holds way too much
Kevin cleaning out the litter box every week
Organic food
Wegmans Nature's Marketplace with my organic foods
foods without hormones or antibiotics
hot tea with honey
United States soldiers
free memberships to zoos and museums! (thanks Jon!)
I guess I could go on and on and on... you get my idea!

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