One thing I am not

At work I get called Martha Stewart, chef, culinary expert, nature freak, fitness know-it-all, doctor, artist, creative, supervisor, goddess, innovative, efficient, smart, brilliant... well you get the picture. But, the one thing I am not good at is: 1. asking for help, 2. asking for help even after I've tried numerous times and not succeeded (I don't like saying "failed".) and 3. admitting defeat, as in by letting someone else take over.

Yes, it's this blog. It will be the death of me yet. And by death I mean I'll scream and cry and swear off blogging for life, only to return a few days later and have a mental breakdown. Crazy or senile? Or maybe a little from column a and a little from column b. But, will I ask for help? No. I'm stubborn like that. So is my husband. So is my child. This house may fall down before we give in. Yikes!

Anyway, the point of the story is (because Kevin often asks me what the point of my stories are There is no point, I like stories.) I want to figure out how to make my blog look cool like the rest of blogger world. But, a. I refuse to pay for it, b. I want to do it myself and c. I'm not cool so why try? I know how to make little headliners and title pictures and what nots. It's the dang html and css coding that I know nothing of. And to be quite honest, I have no desire to learn...until I view my own blog. I'll just probably keep going and trying to find free templates and hook them up on my blog until one day I stay up way past my bedtime and finally realize in the wee morning hours there's a tutorial online telling me exactly how to do it and I'll do it, and it will still stink.

But, I am okay with that. I am okay with me, and therefore, I am okay with having a mediocre, blah-looking, amateurish blog. Because, like I said before, I am a master in so many other things, they adore me.

One more thing, I might have to start a contest to see who can pick up on the Simpsons' quotations in all my blogs. It's just not fun when no one else gets it, besides Jon of course.


Ingles said...

hehe. I found them. hehe

Anonymous said...

glad you got rid of that horrible green backround----UGH!!