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But, I'm not Tina Fey.

I've been busy posting some recipes on my other blog. The one I titled Krysten's Kitchen and haven't touched since April. What's wrong with me?! I've been cooking up a storm since then. So check out some cookie recipes, a chicken wing recipe, and some Thanksgiving recipes!

So, let's see. This past week Kian got his pictures taken at daycare. I really wanted to take him to Amanda at Chesler's for their Santa pictures in November. But, he had that nasty gash on his forehead, that was all glued up and healing and I didn't want great, professional pictures done with that. I know, I know, there is photoshop and all that things but I was a bit worried. Once the glue was gone it was much better, but the timing just didn't work out. Anyway, Pearce does "school pictures" and I didn't get to choose a background or any packages yet. They had a light blue background and then a toy shelf-kind of Christmassy-background. I guess what they do is take the child with each background and then send tons of pictures home and you pick what you want, pay for what you want, and return the rest. Or, something like that. It's way different from when I was in school and we brought home the flyer and mom filled out the back and stuffed the check in there. But, the teachers' said that Kian did awesome. He was the only one in his class that smiled. Miss Angela said that he kept running back out on the backdrops when it was the other kids' turn, trying to get back in front of the camera. The ham. She also said he posed for them. While most kids just sat there with legs out in front, he leaned back on one arm and smiled big. So, it sounds like they will turn out okay. But, it's a tad close to Christmas for my liking! I wanted them done earlier so I can put them in Christmas cards! Eek!

Yesterday, we went out to see Kevin's grandma at the nursing home and give her a Christmas gift. Can I just tell you, again, how much I hate nursing homes? It smelled like pee in there so bad! Her room was nice and clean and smelled like her lotions and candle, but the rest of it-whew! And they line up all the residents in the hallways, on their beds, it's very odd! And it seems like a fire hazard to me! Kian did fairly well seeing the room is about 8x8 with her shelf of glass knick-knacks! We just got her a small radio/CD player so she can listen to her Christmas music. Nothing big, there's not really room to get her anything, and really, she doesn't need anything. But, especially since we don't see her often, I felt like we should get her something.

Today we made a Wal-mart run. Again, after I went on Wednesday. Oops! But, I think we are 98% done with Christmas shopping. I found Kenny a present and Kevin found his dad one. Now we need one more small thing for his dad. And I'm trying to think of something small for the grandma's. Hmm... I also got a box of shatterproof ornaments/balls from Wal-mart, seeing that Kian has broken 2 of ours. He has also "undecorated" the entire bottom half of my tree-about 6 times! He loves the tree, but can't keep his hands off it.

We put a small, ceramic (old school! like everyone in 1950 had!) light up tree in his room. It's perfect because it's not as bright as the night light, which means he'll sleep good, and he loves it in there and looks forward to going to bed. He's going to bed great lately. After the 3 days of post-pacifier termination, he's done great. He's never asked for it, even when he saw Carrie's baby with hers. He's been totally fine. Yay! Tonight, I was rocking him after reading a book, and usually I sing a song to him before laying him down. He looked at me and goes "night, night". So I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he didn't say no (we haven't got to yes yet) so I laid him down and he was fine.
Saturday he woke up early, after going to bed late, and I had a horrible migraine so we laid down about 10:30 for a nap. He looked at me after we got all tucked in and goes "night, night mama" and went to sleep. He also did it this afternoon when I put him for a nap. I thought he was sleeping right away and went in to cover him up. He was just drifting off, but looked up at me as I put the blankets on him and said "night, night" and closed his eyes. He's too much lately!
He is using small sentences, 2-3 words and trying to tell little stories. When he gives us the story we aren't exactly sure what he's saying except we'll get the mama, or dada or cat part. Most of his words are very clear. He scolds the cats like we do: "get down Rocky!" or "no, no Rocky, no!" The funny thing is that both cats are "Rocky" and we aren't sure why. He calls them cat (which sounds like cot) or Rocky, he can say Ace's name though, so not sure where that came from. Off is "owsh" and just recently he began putting t's on the end of things that should have p's. But, he can say p, and used to say help just fine, suddenly it's "helt" and soup is "suit". Whatever kiddo.
He loves to dance and turns on any toy that makes music to dance to it. I definitely need to get it on video. He loves it more when we dance with him.
I made the mistake of showing him Elmo and Sesame street website and now he constantly climbs on the computer, points to the monitor and says "Elmo!" then proceeds to click the mouse and bang on the keyboard. Luckily he hasn't ruined anything-yet. He also knows how to turn on the TV and his V-smile baby game/learning system. He sees us do something once and that's it, he's got it down. Which means, we have to be very careful!

I'm planning some cookie making next weekend I think with mom, Savannah and Kourt and maybe Patrick and the kids. I'd love to make a gingerbread house, it just sounds fun and I've never done it. Not those graham cracker fake things either! We shall see. So, I am planning my list of cookies to make and how much more flour I'll need. BJ's, here I come!

Oh! We paid $1.85 for gas today! It's crazy. I haven't seen it this low in...I can't remember how long. Since I had my Cavalier 2.5 years ago? Who knows. It's great!

My next two weeks of work don't look that bad, but I have a lot to cram in them so I can take off 2 weeks of vacation! That is what I am most excited for! We still don't have a direct supervisor hired yet. They are still in the initial stages of screening a few applicants. That will be interesting. Nerve-wracking because we've done things one way for so long, but they're not always the right way. It's going to be good, but probably a bit challenging. Although the Associate director is doing a good job, it'd be nice to actually have a supervisor soon!

I think winter has finally hit us here in Rochester! It was blowing and snowing like crazy this morning-and freezing! Brr! We got out of it for awhile, but I think it's here to stay. I don't mind winter or snow, just not to drive in! Stay off the road snow and we can be friends! Once there is a bit and it's not so freezing and windy I'll take Kian out in his sled-he'll love it!

Well, I must go prepare for the week, and get ready for bed. And finish my Christmas list so Kevin can get shopping. I put a baby sister for Kian on there, think I'll get it? ha. =)

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