Cookie & weekend Plans

This weekend I am going to take Kian to Garden Factory for the Christmas festivities. There is a Santa there (the guy from work calls him Satan Clause hehe makes me laugh. He's like me and doesn't care about Santa.) Where was I? Oh, Santa there, there's also a big train set up, mini carousel rides for kids, big slides, crafts, and who knows what else. Duh, I know what else. There will be animals! Humane Society comes and the Alpaca farms bring...alpacas, like llama things right? And animal Christmas presents will be sold.

We wrapped all the presents on Sunday, so we only have 2 small things left to buy and wrap. I guess I need to redecorate my tree...Again! Thanks Kian. Let's see, presents bought, wrapped, cookies to be made, what else? Cards! I need to get on that, buying stamps and cards and getting pictures of Kian in them, or made of them. I want to have Kian maybe do some art for a card, or is that too much?

Then, soon, the fam and I are having a cookie fest. Savannah, Patrick, Kourt & the kids, maybe my mom will come up and we're going to bake our butts off. On my list is: Cranberry Chocolate chip cookies, sugar roll out cookies, gingerbread men, gingerbread house (?) and chex mix. Savannah requested fudge. And I know mom will want the Italian walnut/wedding (something?) cookies. I also have cinnamon rolls a la Pioneer Woman on my list. Can you smell it? Can you taste it yet? Feel the heat of the oven, burn a finger or 3. There will be frosting and food coloring from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Oh it will be great.

Just wanted you to share in my exhilarating and exhausting plans. But, really it looks like I am way ahead of myself already. I still have 2 weekends left before Christmas and not that much to do. That will be awesome, I can actually just R E L A X! But, before relaxation comes.......wretched work week. Wish me luck...

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