Christmas pics

Christmas Eve at Kevin's parents. His second suit of the season. So handsome!

With his new backpack

With Grant, grandparents and new backpacks:

Us three, a decent picture!

Not bad of Kevin and I:

Kian & Grant playing with their new toys:

Grandpa with his new hunting hat and Kian's Elmo:

Kian wearing the crazy hunting hat, helping Uncle Paul & Aunt Elissa open gifts:

Kevin's crazy gift from Paul:

A giant stuffed fish. Later, Kian wrestled it like Steve Irwin did the alligators.

With mama's new presents:

Christmas day, opening his potato heads:

Checking out his gifts with daddy:

Now, helping daddy open presents:

Opening a dancing Rock N Roll Elmo from Aunt Neenee:

The gang watching everyone else play Wii at my parents house:

Joe and Kevin look oh so thrilled. =)

We had a busy last few days, Kian did great though. He loved helping everyone else open their presents, but if we reminded him to let them do it he was fine. He didn't have tantrums about anything. He was a great help passing the presents out also. He has been up late and still up early, but did fine without lots of sleep. He doesn't get cranky, he gets crazy!

We still debate the whole Santa thing. Kevin really wants him to believe in or include the whole Santa thing. I really don't, but we made a compromise that we can talk about Santa as the good guy who helps us celebrate Jesus' birthday by helping to give presents to us as we remember the real reason for Christmas. Whatever. We'll just see how it goes. Since he's young he didn't really ask or care where or who they came from. We did say "look what Grandma gave you" or "tell Neenee thank you for your presents" etc. He understood that.

Overall, we received a lot of nice things. Kian of course, got way too much, too much toys, but much needed clothes and pajamas. My parents got us a new fish tank/aquarium. I'll post some pictures tomorrow as we finish setting it up. It's big! I got a lot of kitchen items from Kevin's parents, which was needed, so that was nice. We also received board games, Wii games, and movies, all to keep us busy this winter. Kevin also received some nice gift cards from clients, some which allowed him to "pimp out" the fish tank as he says, and some for us to go to dinner later. It was very nice holiday!

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