I am exhausted so I hope that this blog types itself, with no errors. Kian's had a nasty yeast diaper rash this past week and we're still battling it. It is almost gone, but it's painful for him. We've got the Nystatin prescription cream, we've got herbal remedies (comfrey and lanolin mixed into a salve have worked wonders!) we've cut back on his dairy and sugar and he's been taking acidophilus/probiotics to combat the yeast in his system. We're on the way to better. I will spare you the details of what happened when I let him nap diaper-free on Sunday and we didn't get him in time... Let's just say there was lots of laundry, bathing, crib washing...you get the idea. Kevin freaked, I laughed.

But, now we're dealing with teething. He's getting those 4 canine, eye, cuspid, whatever you call them, teeth! All at once. His gums are very swollen and he keeps asking "eat, eat". But, he doesn't really want to eat, he just wants to chew on things to make them feel better. The thing that seems to make it feel better are chewing on book corners (they fit up in that sore spot nicely I guess) and chewing on silverware. Whatever. I know he doesn't have pica so I'm not too worried.

He wouldn't fall asleep last night, kept talking and fidgeting. I went on the treadmill for 20 mins and he still was awake at 9 pm. I have a rule that I don't take him out of his room after he's supposed to be down for nap or night. I will rock him and read him a book but I never take him out of his room. I did that a few times. Then when we wanted to go to bed around 10 he started crying and screaming. Finally I got him to say his mouth hurt, he didn't understand when I asked if his teeth hurt. I gave him Tylenol. Then I let him come in our bed for awhile. That was wonderful because he likes to sleep with his head by our feet, sticking his feet in our face, on top of the covers. Not working so much.

After it was obvious the Tylenol wasn't working, I gave him ibuprofen at 11 pm, then had to wait a bit for that to kick in. Miracle of miracles, it worked and he was out...at midnight! But, in his own bed, sound asleep.

Now, I am going to be late to work, and he will be miserable when I go wake him up in a few minutes. And we have to drive through wretched snowy roads. Thanks Rochester. But! But! There are only 3 more work days left, and Christmas is only a week away. It's all good!

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