Crazy Bumperstickers

There are some wacky bumper stickers out there, but the ones I saw yesterday while picking Kian up were the weirdest I've seen in a long time. Trying not to get too close, but yet close enough to read the ones on the back of a beat up pick up truck, I see:

"I'm not wearing any pants"

And on the other side:

"Nuttier than a squirrel's turd"

What??? I don't even get it. It made me laugh, but I was trying to figure out what kind of person has these on their car. Oy. Now tell me some of the wackiest ones you've seen!

PS: I haven't sent my Christmas cards yet, I'm terrible.


Anonymous said...

no crazier than your "I Love Mumbles" bumper sticker.

Blog Buddy said...

Just saw ,"What would Scooby do?"

Anonymous said...

think about it======what does a squirrel eat=duh