A busy weekend recap

There is still no excuse for going 5 days without posting a blog. How boring am I? No wonder no one reads this thing. I've been busy at work trying to finish up visits, calls, notes and turn my records in for review by the supervisors. I have also delivered gifts to very grateful families to make their Christmas a little brighter. Admittedly, it's a pain for me. I have to do paperwork to sign them up, then make sure gifts arrive (luckily, other people at work obtain the gifts and donations by big name companies, ones that start with K, W and X) and then I have to make sure I fit in time to deliver these gifts, in the crappy weather, on city streets that aren't plowed. But, let me tell you, when the parents are so appreciative, and get teary-eyed, and the kids get excited because they know I'm bringing gifts-it is worth it!

Sunday we had a Christmas party at my grandma's with the aunts and uncles and lots of cousins. Kian seems to enjoy it, especially watching the other kids. He isn't too thrilled about people touching his stuff right now so that can get tricky. We've cut back to only the young kids get a small gift or two, there's just too many people--and that's only one side of the family! Santa made a surprise arrival and the kids were in awe. Only 2 people knew Santa was coming, the rest of us were very surprised. Kian was not too sure about this dude, he did eventually let Kiara put him on Santa's lap, but there there was no way he was going to look at Santa too! His favorite gift? No one would believe me when I told them to buy this: a broom!

He follows me around saying "help, help" he wants to help me sweep, so now he has his own!

Saturday we didn't do much of anything, and it was nice! We had Kevin's client/our friend over for lunch and made some delicious paninis! Yay for Wegmans having pre-made cheese spreads that are amazing on chicken paninis. Have I told you yet how much I adore that store? Saturday was the nicest day weather-wise, but still had us shoveling and snow-blowing. Thank goodness we have the snow blower now! It was either shovel your butt off or pray the neighbor would be kind enough to plow us out. Unfortunately, Kevin's grandma went into the nursing home last winter, but fortunately for us, we got her snow blower! It's been so great to have, especially on...

Friday! Oh, Lord, what a day Friday was! The meteorologists were calling for a storm (blizzard I'd say) but none of us were so sure they would be right. Well, they were. I left home Friday and it was clear and almost sunny, with dry roads. I was at work for less than an hour and it started to snow a bit. Then I had to drive out to Webster--yuck! It just kept getting worse and worse. Driving back from Webster to my office in the city, all the roads were snow covered now and no one could tell where the lanes were for 490.

We were to have our department Christmas party that afternoon at the director's house in Hilton. Yeah, except that Hilton is where lots of snow was piling up with winds and nastiness. So they changed it for us to just have a quick lunch party in our offices. All the while, we're watching this blizzard come through the city outside the windows, making me very nervous. I received the call from the daycare that they were closing early and made my exit. This meant that I missed Kian's Christmas party at daycare, which they shortened anyway.

I brushed off inches of snow on my car and headed home, only to wait almost a half an hour on the inner loop ramp to 490 West. West because I live west of the city and I needed to drive west. Then, a police car comes up and blocks off the ramp to 490 West, which I needed to go west, because I live west right? I am forced to go 490 East. Grr! At this point it was snowing very hard and the wipers were working overtime but it was still freezing on the windshield and building up. Roads are not plowed yet, the plows just can't keep up and there are accidents everywhere. Of course the radios were not relaying traffic information about which roads might be closed, so I didn't know if I should take another expressway only to run into obscene amounts of traffic there too.

I hopped off 490 East and backtracked through the city, winding my way west. Normally, the roads I took I wouldn't be so hot on taking (Ford, Jefferson, Macree) but since the city had some to a standstill I was safe. I finally got to Main Street after an hour and a half. Yes, the normal 10 minute drive from my office to Main street took and hour and a half! None of the city streets were plowed. There was about 4-6+ inches on these roads. During every red light the entire line of cars, including yours truly, would park their cars, jump out with their brushes and rush around freeing their wipers off ice and dusting off the snow that just kept piling up. Finally I was able to get Main Street to Buffalo road, which I knew would be clearer than some roads, into Gates and on into North Chili to pick up Kian at daycare. I made it there with 20 minutes to spare before they closed. It only took me just over 2 hours to get home. The normal 15-20 minute drive took over 2 hours. It was more annoying than scary. I had to just gun it in the driveway and hope the van would make it through the foot of snow. I dragged the snow blower out of the garage and drove in and shut the storm out behind me. Whew! Nothing a little grilled cheese, tomato soup and Miracle On 34th Street couldn't take care of!

This week promises to be just as full: Tuesday Kian has his 18 month well child check up. I love taking him there to prove to the doctor my child is smart and has great language and weighs the right amount. Especially since they gave me grief a few times about him being thin. And since I don't think the doctor likes me, especially since I won't let them pump my child's veins full of...I'll be nice and not say poison...junk. hehe. I dread these visits, I feel like I have to look extra good and so does Kian and he has to be extra smart because they already judged me as a parent and person on my vaccine free status. I'll let Kian's intelligence speak for itself =)

Wednesday includes baking dessert for Christmas Eve dinner, finishing wrapping any gifts, getting them under the tree, keeping the cats away from them, baking bread for Christmas day dinner, finishing sewing one last gift; then we will be going to Kevin's parents for dinner, church and gifts.

Christmas- we spend half the day here, lounging around, opening gifts, eating delicious breakfast strata, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Then we trek out to my parents house for lots more of the eating, feasting, unwrapping.

Friday-we rest! And see Jon at some point, because I got him an awesomest gift. I am now on vacation for 2 weeks and I am so excited. I haven't really taken time off since I went back to work in April so this feels deserved! I think we'll take Kian to the museum at some point, thanks to our membership and Jon! I suppose since it is now Tuesday I should get to bed so I will be able to do all these things I have planned.

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