Trip to the museum

I realize I am in the odds of bloggers all blogging about their hopes for 2009 and things of 2008, after all it is New Year's Eve. But, maybe tomorrow I shall get there. For today you get to see lots of (bad) pictures of Strong National Museum of Play. Every time I type that I get the song stuck in my head!

I know that I only have a point & shoot digital camera, but it is really hard to take pictures in the museum! Some places are dark, some are very bright, and the dark ones don't take to the flash well, as it only lights up what is immediately in front of you, thus leaving dark spots all around. Someday I'll have a great camera and none of that will matter.

But, there will always be 4000 people clamoring about and lots of action, so it will still be hard to take a picture. Kids were always sticking their body parts in my view, or strollers got left there, and kids would not sit still enough for me to snap away. Oh well, it was so much fun. Kian completely enjoyed himself and was so worn out by the end of the day. We spent almost 5 and a half hours there, and we still didn't get through everything. Good thing we have a wonderful membership, courtesy of Jon, so we can go every month! Or more...

I didn't realize pictures were being taken as we were in the silly mirrors:

Kian pointing to Bert, he love, love, loved Sesame Street area!

Welcome to Sesame Street

I love this picture because it looks like Kiara is holding Kian in one hand. They were helping him climb the rock wall.

One of the 3 or 4 toddler only areas, that were great-I didn't have to worry about him being plowed over by some big kids, and it was all foam.

Another toddler area, foam blocks and all

Because we don't have a million books to read at home, you must read them at the museum!

Kian loved this, although he was too little for it yet. You assembled cars as they moved down the conveyor belt. Several big kids (brats!) knocked him over numerous times. (I especially loved how these parents watched it happen and didn't blink or say anything!)

This turned out nice-of me =)

Here's Kiara attempting the Hula Hoops:

Playing old school Atari

This was one of my favorite areas: The Berenstein Bears Village. It was in the back and less crowded and very hands-on for both Kian and Kenny & Kiara. He kept trying to pick up the frog and saying "stuck, stuck".

He was supposed to be selling the apples at the stand, but kept trying to eat them instead.

We had a blast, there was so much to do. Although, I should have listened to Jon when he said "don't come during a school break". There weer more kids, parents and pregnant women than I have ever seen! You could barely move. This did make for a very loud and overstimulating environment. I'll be sure to come some afternoon during the week next time. I'm excited for the Mr. Potato Head exhibit next month. Kian didn't care for the Curious George monkey walking around. He kept saying "bye bye monkey, bye bye". And we only had a minor meltdown when we wouldn't let Kian keep pushing the Atari restart buttons. Overall, a terrific day!

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