Happy 2009!

Now, we'll see how long it takes for me to write 2009 on all my work papers, instead of 2008. I mean, I was still writing 2007 until recently. That's what I get for taking an extended maternity leave I guess.

While I don't have very specific goals for 2009, well maybe a few, but we'll save those for a later date, I do wish that I could slow life down just a bit. It seems to be going just way too fast. I feel like I was just pregnant and having a newborn and now I have a very verbal, very active, very smart toddler. Craziness.

I already have a dilemma, the right way to start off a new year right? Let me see if I can make this story short. We have two living rooms in our split level home, one upstairs which has nice wood floors and the fish tank and a smaller TV and DVDs. We don't sit up here too much, but the plan is to use it more for a regular living room now that Kevin has taken over the downstairs room with his pool table, darts, and whatever else. But, there is a massive 55 inch TV downstairs that just takes up way too much room. We've been talking about getting rid of the huge TV (that does not have any storage space) and either moving the smaller one down here and getting a nice new flat screen for upstairs. Or, maybe just selling the huge TV and being happy with one smaller TV upstairs. We did get some Christmas money that would allow us to do one or the other. (Of course selling the massive thing would give us more money!) Then, last night Kevin throws out at me "well, how about you just let me keep this huge one down here in MY room, and you can take the Christmas money and buy a nice camera?" Oh! Be still my heart! Did I really just hear those words? Instead of getting a nice 42" flat screen TV (after having 55" it's hard to use the 37" upstairs!) I could have my Nikon camera?

Sounds like a great bargain right? Ugh. Torn in two. I have never spent a lot of money on myself. Spending $100 for clothes always feel slightly tense to me even. I know, it's ridiculous. Then, I think well, we could use that Christmas money for paying off school loans too. But, then I think, but it was a gift to be used as a gift for fun stuff. But, I could get the TV and we'd all be happy. Or...I could have a beautiful camera. Or, I could not get the more expensive camera that would eat up all the money, get the less expensive, one is still 100x better than what I have now, and still have a bit left over for a small flat screen to replace the huge one down here. Ohhhh what to do? Kevin's no help. He changes his mind hourly and throws out a billion suggestions that vary with each tick of the clock. Now, I start my new year by wracking my brain and feeling quite tormented... Cheers!

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size matters said...

he brought that stupid thing over? talk about spoiled.