A Look Back At 2008

Have a seat as I walk you through 2008 briefly...

January: Not much to report this month, as we barely made it up to see the ball drop. I was still blissfully home daily with Kian and cooking up a storm.

February: Kian started crawling. Things got interesting around the house. More cleaning and more safety measures ensue. We host a small Superbowl party and Kenny's birthday dinner back to back.

March: I get the wake up call that I need to go back to work. My former co-workers and boss beg me to come back. I agree. We start the daycare search, with dread.

April: I start back to work on the 7th to what is supposedly half-day week, but is not. Kian goes to daycare for the first time and survives.

May: We prime and paint white over the wood walls in our family room and paint the rest of the room gray. It takes a full week. I plant a garden, smaller than years before, but still good. Kian loves outdoors. I celebrate my first official Mother's Day and birthday all in one by making a big brunch at my house for my mom. Hmm...

June: We take Kian to Seabreeze for my employee picnic on his birthday, with Jon of course. We celebrate Kian's 1st birthday with immediate family and friends. He hasn't got this walking thing down yet, but can sign and say a few words. Kian's first cousin Grant is born to Paul & Elissa. We celebrate Kevin's first Father's Day, by going to the campground for fishing and a picnic.

July: Kian loves the fireworks displays we take him to. We go camping with Patrick and Savannah at Gravel Ponds. Kian can make several animal sounds and has quite a few words.

August: Kian starts walking (finally!) more cleaning up after the child and more safety measures installed. We go camping at Alleghany State Park with my family and enjoy our short vacation. Courtesy of Jon we get to take Kian to the zoo for the first time. He loves seeing all the animals, and we're thrilled with our membership.

September: Our busiest month: We have enough of Kian's daycare and make the switch to Pearce 4 Kids, Kian adjusts well and loves it. My mother-in-law begins watching Kian on Mondays, great for our checking account! Kevin celebrates his 28th birthday. Kevin and I celebrate our 5th anniversary by taking a trip to Toronto and watching the Yankees lose horribly. We stay in China town and laugh at the silly signs while Kian stays home with Aunt NeeNee, the first time alone overnight without us! Kian falls backwards on the driveway and requires a Saturday visit to the pediatrician to clean out the cut on the back of his head and make sure it doesn't require stitches-it doesn't. This walking thing takes a toll on all of us! We also attend the Roberts Wesleyan reunion and parade-nice to see those friends from 5 years ago-5 years already?! The pediatrician doesn't believe me that my child has at least 40+ words. hehe.

October: Kian runs into a corner at daycare and requires an after-hours doctor visit to glue his deep gash together on his forehead. We begin to understand that having a little boy means lots of blood, bruises, and dirt. We stock up our first aid kit. Kian is a scarecrow (homemade) for Halloween. We hide from the trick-or-treaters by going to Wegmans and watching movies in the dark afterwards.

November: Kian votes-so he thinks (and still has the sticker on his car seat to prove it). Kian begins talking in 2 word sentences. We enjoy our two Thanksgivings, start Christmas shopping and November flies by. Jon secures our Strong Museum membership for the year-woo hoo!

December: Kian loves Christmas this year and gets 4 of them! Winter weather finally (?) hits NY and we get dumped on a few times. I have to drive through a blizzard for 2 hours to get home. We take Kian to the Museum and he can't get enough, luckily we get to go again and again... We ring in the New Year with a few friends, quietly.

And then... I'll tell The Rest of the Story! Just like Paul Harvey...


TulipGirl said...

"We begin to understand that having a little boy means lots of blood, bruises, and dirt. We stock up our first aid kit."

*LOL* We finally gave up on runs to the doctor for cuts, stocked up on steri-strips and superglue, and Hubby is pretty handy at fixing any flesh wound they get. Then again, if they were girls, I'd probably worry about scarring more. . .

It's sounds like y'all made it just fine through the year, bumps and daycare and surprises and all!

mcnab said...

Kian, Kian, Kian. I'm sick of that guy.