Bad Blogger

Well, it's no wonder I have no reading audience. I don't post very often and it's not very interesting. I had a horrible migraine from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon and was pretty much out of commission. I sat on the couch all Sunday and watched three long movies while Kevin and Kian played. It was nice actually, I haven't done that in years. I finally got out of my pajamas and into the shower around 2 pm. =) Guess that's why I don't have much to write about.

We just got some junk food for dinner on Saturday and got a few groceries. Sunday we didn't leave the house or do anything at all. Today, I had the day off and stayed home and played with Kian all day. I felt much better. We made an appointment to get a keyless entry/remote starter combo on the van. Kevin was trying to surprise me and get it done but he needed my car and needed me to be available with the car, etc. So, that will be my Valentine's day present I say. Good enough! I will enjoy not having to open only one door with the key then unlocking the rest before I can get Kian in the car. They were booked until 2/16. So, I have to wait a few weeks, but that's okay.

Unfortunately, I have a long day at work tomorrow. But, I get to go watch HOUSE tonight! I'll think of some better stuff to blog about this week! I promise!

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my aching back said...

maybe you should fix the headlight.