Weekend News Update

If only I had the gumption to stay up and watch SNL these days. Ha. Gumption. I just wanted to use that word today. (And please say you know that Weekend News Update is on Saturday Night Live and that my world makes sense. Thank you.)

So, the bad little blogger I've been lately. Tsk, tsk. I always have lots of good blogger materials in my head, but well they just never materialize on here. Oh I'm full of it today.

Backtrack with me, okay? Today, Kian and I went to Grant's dedication at Paul & Elissa's church. Kevin was working. We need to have Kian dedicated (it's the other churches version of Christening or Baptism) but since we only recently decided on a church to attend, and being so sick, haven't really been...yeah hasn't happened. I figured we'll do both babies together next year or something? It was nice, simple but poignant. (Can I use another big word today?) We went home to meet Kevin before joining Paul, Elissa, Grant and extended family for lunch. Kevin suggested we take his blazer. He then decided to be a showoff and drive over the huge snowdrifts that had blown into the driveway. And...promptly got stuck. No shoveling, putting wood under the tires, rocking it this way and that, nothing was going to unstick it. (Unstick? did i really just say that?) So, we left it, took my car and then had to have his dad pull it out with his big truck. Way to go Kevin. (insert eye roll here)

Friday, Jon joined us for a nice fish fry at the Galley restaurant. It's right on the canal in Spencerport, which is great in the warmer months. But, they have a neat upstairs area, which is usually pretty unoccupied and private, away from the bar. It's decorated in all things nautical. They also had a huge screen of a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on, Kian was very fascinated with it.

The rest of the work week was pretty uneventful. Except for the day I got blocked in by three rows of cars in the parking lot and missed a client's meeting at a school. Yeah, that was great. Parking stinks royally at work. But, they recently made an agreement with the lot so that we have free parking, instead of CFC paying us a stipend and then us paying the lot. Problem is, they don't man it well, it's never plowed and people make up their own spots. So I was in the middle of a square of 9 cars, like tic tac toe, but how to get out? I had to have the receptionist page the car, wait for the person to come move a car, and by then the meeting was almost over. Stupid people. They're my favorite.

I've had an ultrasound and a few blood draws so far, and have my first official prenatal appointment monday afternoon. And thus it begins.
Let me tell you, I wasn't quite prepared for this. I (stupidly) thought that the second time around would be easier on me, on my body. No such luck. I was actually feeling sicker all day long, whereas with Kian I was really sick in the morning but then it tapered off. Finally, my doctor told me to take B6 tablets. Thank God for B6 tablets. It's really helped. I feel kind of yucky in the morning still but it's not an all day thing and if I have some ginger tea and toast slowly when I first wake up it seems to curb it.
But, the exhaustion? Still there, just as bad as last time. No, worse. Worse probably because I have to get myself and Kian ready in the morning while feeling crappy, then run after him all night. Yeah, fun times. Kevin has been great about helping, well with Kian at least haha. The house is a total mess. But, Kevin has been changing poopy diapers (the smells make me gag, all smells make me gag at this point!) helping with dinner, doing laundry, etc. And not complaining when I nap with Kian. I know it will get better soon and I'll feel more energetic shortly. But, man! I didn't count on that.
I survived solely on chicken and the occasional beef for years, but that love affair has come to an end abruptly with food aversions. Go figure, the one thing that makes me gag and I cannot even be in the same room with? Chicken. Well, if it's greasy, deep fried chicken wings I can hack it. But, my beloved chicken breast? Just typing it is making me gag and swallow back that oncoming expulsion of this morning's toast... lovely picture huh? With Kian it was ground beef, and especially taco beef. The smell made me drop to my knees. It's odd the things your body does to you. Like an out of body experience for sure.

Let's move on to my one big complaint: Winter. Snow. Wind. Cold, no freezing temperatures. Seriously? I know I live in NY. But, man oh man! I'm so sick and tired of eye-popping RG&E bills, living in layers, chapped lips and cheeks, going through wiper fluid like nobody's business. March? April? Are you there? Please hurry to Rochester. We'd love it oh so much. Thank you. Hoping the rest of you are enjoying milder temps throughout the country and staying warmer than me.


weezy said...

hahaah stuck. Doesn't that have 4 wheel drive? eheheh

Allisan said...

Let me know how your appointment goes today!! How far along are you? So exciting!!! :)