"I'll beat you cat!"

Kevin just didn't listen, or he just didn't believe me. Either way, he thought he was ahead of the game. He just knew that he could say anything and it wouldn't matter. He figured as long as Kian wasn't in the room, or was occupied with toys that he wasn't really *listening*. Someday, he'll believe me. Someday, he'll learn that I have a wealth of child development knowledge and tons of money spent in educating myself about children. And someday, he'll learn that little ears are always open.

Until then, there's slip ups. A certain cat who shall remain nameless...ahem Rocky, likes to jump on the fish tank. This isn't good as there's always the possibility he'll fall through the class top in to the fish tank. So, Kevin being the manly man that he is, gets all macho and goofy and tells the cat to get down and say "I'll beat you cat!". We all know he doesn't mean it. The most he does is throw the cat off the tank onto the ground. Problem solved for the fish.

New problem created with the child. For the last 4 days Kian has been wandering around the house in his tiny voice going "I'll beat you cat". Or "daddy I beat you". Or "Rocky, I beat you." or some other version of that. SIGH! He has no clue what "beat you" means. He's never seen a beating, obviously. I have to admit at times it's hard not to giggle at this little child in his high little voice saying "I'll beat you Rocky". But we don't let him see us swallow the laughter. But! But, I do not want him going to daycare saying that to other kids or just saying it at all. It's bad enough that sticks are "dicks" and clocks are "cocks". They are going to think we are some serious bad parents at this house.

At least Kevin has learned, and uses other forms of tortuous language on the cats, making sure Kian will hear and repeat: "Rocky! Get down! I'll...hug you!"


Anonymous said...

balahhhahah. thats great. I'll learn him some new sayings.

Anonymous said...

don't dispair, there are a lot worse things he could(and probably will) say.