27 down, a whole lot more to go

Hmm, getting "older". It's not as exciting to have birthdays these days. There's no fun pinatas, streamers, whistles and goody bags to take home. No inches to measure on the doorway. Still diapers to change and noses to wipe. But, it means I've survived another year. Supposedly it means I've matured more too, though I hope that's emotionally and not showing in the face.

This last year has been busy, blessed, at times overwhelming and everything in between. I had just gone back to work last year and getting back into the swing of things was difficult. We managed, we survived. We enjoyed Kian's first birthday and his ever expanding vocabulary. We found out that we're extremely good at having babies. haha =) There has been some stress from work and balancing life at home and work and time for ourselves lately. But, overall I think that this coming year will be a great one. We'll welcome a baby brudder into our home, we'll celebrate birthdays and holidays with a smart, sweet boy who will be able to really partake in the events. And we'll think about how old we are now...

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Kirsten said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Birthdays are always meant to be celebrated, no matter the age, the maturity or the state of pregnancy! Trust me! I milk mine every year for at least a week!!