2 years (almost)

Today we had Kian's 2 year check up. I have to admit I find these things extremely boring. I work in Early Intervention, with child development, my child is right on target or ahead in most areas so when they run through their list of questions about all his development, what he's doing saying, etc. It's tedious. Oh well. That's his job. I sometimes wonder why we bother with well child checkups?

Anyways. Kian grew an inch or so (they mis-measured last time and didn't get an accurate reading) he's grown 3.5 inches since 15 months. He weighs 28.5 lbs. We thought he was a bit more than that, but he looks like he's grown and thinned out lately. Probably all the running around he does, non-stop. Everything else, fine.

The doctor asks about his verbal skills, if he's putting words together for sentences. I said yes. Then he asks about discipline, I said he's had a few times outs due to hitting the cats, but other than that he's easily redirected and good-natured. On cue, Kian decides to show off both skills by saying "I'll beat you cat!" three times. Good, Lord! Thanks, Kian. Now the doctor won't watch us for beatings or anything! Ugh!

Other than that and the fact they always want to have him come in right during nap time, which is super annoying, and that I had to blow off the lecture about vaccines, we're good to go until next year. But, we'll be back with #2 in the fall...

Dancing in the water (as he calls it) after painting outside. Crazy boy.


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great pictures!!

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who cares?