Moving on up...and thoughts..

I keep having these "great" ideas and things I want to blog about but just haven't had a minute to do it. Or been able to download (or is it upload?) the pictures from the camera to the computer. And it's not even like we've been doing anything out of the ordinary, just every day stuff keeping us busy. The weather is nice, cool, but great for being outside. We've been taking walks and playing out a lot. Kian is at the age where he can do a lot more, wants to do a lot more, but also wants to do a lot of things he can't quite do yet. (playing basketball on the big hoop, helping with the paint, grill, lawn mowing, etc.) That means a lot of frustration, for all of us, sometimes.

But, he is doing great at daycare. We had a week or so when he was pushing kids. And he'd tell me "push Cole, push Jacob" once we were in the car on the way home. Great, Kian, let's not be known as that kid. We talked about it but he still had a slight issue. This week though, he's moved up (mostly) to the new class of 2-3 year olds. (He's currently in the 14 month-24 month class and he is the oldest and biggest, and most verbal, and rather bored I think.) He's doing great over there! They typically have the kids transition for a couple hours each day the first week. Kian was in the new room for 6+ hours the first day, because fit in so well. And he doesn't push those kids around, yeah they're slightly bigger than him. He tells me what he plays with during the day now and who he plays with and has already learned the older kids' names. Now, I just need to meet the teachers!

I'm glad he's adjusting so well, but then it makes me feel a little guilty as I think we plan on taking him out of daycare in the fall. I am almost positive we'll be keeping him home with me and the baby, er rather I'm almost positive I'll be staying home with them. It's just not cost effective for me to work and pay my entire salary to someone else to watch my kids. I can do that for free. Although, lately he's been asking to stay home and asking to go back home. And he loves when Kevin and I are home together, says "mommy and daddy home" or "mommy and daddy and Kian home." I told him soon we'll all stay home together. We'll find things to do and be with other kids so he won't be bored with just me and a newborn all the time.

This weekend we're going to look for a swing set for him-his birthday present. The kid is bored in our backyard. There's only so much tiny sandbox and one small slide can do for him. He needs more activity and it will be used for years and years to come. Then I need to think of his small party coming up for his second (second? two? already?!) birthday. Just the immediate family again, easier this way. Babies and toddlers don't need lots of parties and lots of gifts. They can't focus enough to open them all anyways, and they get so overwhelmed with what's going on and the picture taking, the people, the food, the gift wrap, etc. I may attempt a train cake, or truck, or tractor, or whatever he tells me this week. We shall see what we come up with!

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