Injecting some humor

Gotta lighten this blog up a bit! Since forcing myself to decide to be less stressed I've been relaxing a bit more. Even if my body is falling apart! So, last night I was talking to my sister on instant messenger program. Here is our conversation:

Kourtney: I hurt

Me: me too!

K: my chest hurts

Me: my groin hurts

K: my shoulder hurts

Me: my pelvis hurts

K: my palms and hands hurt

Me: my thighs hurt

K: it hurts when I lay down even

Me: it hurts when I walk even

K: I'm nauseous

Me: I have heartburn

Me: I get up to pee 3 times a night, beat that!

K: ok I only get up once.

Me: "My hair's moving...I don't know how much longer I can complain!" haha Homer.

K: Huh?

Me: it's from the Simpson's, never mind. Go to bed and we'll see who wins the complainingest tomorrow.

Maybe it's only funny to me. She was in a car accident, that is why she is sore and in pain. She hit a kid who didn't stop at the sign at the intersection and she couldn't stop. He got ticketed and a bloody concussion. She just has some bruises. Lucky kid. She also needs a new car though, not so good! Me? My pelvis/pubic bone is literally separating and I can barely walk. Dang hormones, dang pregnancy! I went to the chiro to have my back and pelvis fixed, but it actually hurts more now! Of course, I read that actually realigning them might make it worse, after I had her do it!

*This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just liked it. He's so big.

But, the funniest thing was Friday night, I couldn't stop laughing- And I was so upset because the video camera wasn't charged and I still can't find the darn charger. But, I had the laser light out for the cats to play with and they were going crazy. All of a sudden, here comes Kian in his diaper and t-shirt, chasing the laser light too! He's on the floor crawling after it, he's zooming his trucks after it and on it. We had two cats and a toddler all chasing a dumb light. It was the funniest sight, maybe you had to actually see it. I will charge the camera and get it up here soon. Ooooh, it's things like that, that can destress you. And now to continue with my destressing program I shall take the paper and a snack and a drink out to sit in the (finally) warm sun! Happy Sunday!

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lookinggood said...

HAHA, it really is funny. The two of you. If I didn't know better, I would have thought this was a conversation at a nursing home between two grannies with knee highs -one up one rolled down :) Hope the sunshine made it all better!