Now that he's talking he's saying silly things. I want to remember the goofy things he says. Of course it'd be good fodder for embarrassing him in the teenage years...

On the way home from daycare, we were talking about his birthday in a few days and how old he will turn. I said "Kian how old will you be?" Without missing a beat he says "Five." I asked again, and he said five again. He thinks he's that old. He'd love to be that old already.

While picking him up to go upstairs and make dinner he coughed in my face. We always talk about covering your mouth while you cough. He remembers about half the time. So I said "Remember, cover your mouth when you cough". He leans towards me, puts his hand over my mouth and coughs again. Better than nothing I guess?

We're off to make dinner, and he asked for lemon juice to drink. Aka lemonade. He'd totally drink plain old lemon juice, seeing how he loves to eat lemons whole. Gets that from his mama. Now on to the "maconi and cheese".

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