Sweetest boy

My baby is about to turn two. Then I will have another baby to take over that role, but not his place. Kian is the sweetest thing ever, except when he's not. But, more often than not, he's his sweet, happy, smiley, silly self. I wish I had a camera, or video of bedtime tonight. He's still recuperating from a nasty cough/fever thing and is just plain whipped. I lay in bed with him and read some stories and say prayers. (Hey, it's easier on this prego body rather than balancing on the edge of a race car bed!) He loves to talk to 'baby brother' and always tells me to "open baby brother" -meaning pull back the shirt so he can talk and touch my belly. He always says hi and tells me he's "petting" baby brother. Sometimes he kisses him. Tonight, he was so tired, he lay real close to me and curled around my belly. He draped an arm over my belly and said "hug baby brother, sleep with baby brother". And just laid there, falling asleep. He now loves to talk about him, that he'll cry and need to eat and will come out when he gets bigger soon, etc. Although, when I told him we'd go to the hospital and mommy would push baby brother out of her tummy he started pushing on it and said "push belly, come out baby brother". Too smart, too cute, too much!

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lookinggood said...

Hahaha, watch out. He will come crawling into your room in the middle of the night and pounce on you. Wanna play with baby brother NOW! Happy birthday to the little man. He is such a cutie with those adorable curls :) Hope the rain holds off for you tomorrow !!