My baby boy is TWO!! How did that happen already? Talk about time flying right by. Maybe it's because I am pregnant this June again, but I can feel, hear, see, smell everything about that day he was born. And, most of it wasn't too pretty. But, he was perfect and it was all so worth it.

It's amazing to see such distinct features of both Kevin and I in him at various times. He is such a mix of the two of us, yet very much his own person. He's got amazing energy, if I didn't remind him or put him down for sleep, he wouldn't. He's snuggly when he wants to be, but much more so lately. (It's as if he knows his only child status is coming to an end shortly and making the most of it!) His big blue eyes, and curly, crazy hair make me just want to eat him up. He's lost most of that "baby fat" and is getting taller and looking like such a little boy now.

I am amazed by all he does and knows. He is definitely a sponge. Remembering too much at times. And persistent, the boy does. not. give up. Ever. He will make sure I hear him loud and clear and remind me until I do it. Distraction works sometimes, but he can be so focused at times. I'm sure this will come in handy down the road with school work or hobbies, but it can wear on a person.

Of course, his incredible vocabulary and language only adds to the ability of non-stop reminders. He loves to learn everything and remembers names and labels of anything you tell him or show him. Awhile back Kevin and I stopped and looked at each other because we realized he had just sung the entire alphabet song, on his own. Um, what? We sing it, but not that much. I'm sure they sing it at daycare also, but for him to remember it all, so young, pretty incredible. He uses lots of phrases (even ones we don't want him to hear and repeat) and is now putting all those little words in there for proper grammar (the, is, a, etc.). That makes it easier for us to know exactly what he means. He can name more animals than I can count, and speaking of, he counts to 16 now. He'll look at things and without counting out loud just say "2 elephants" or "3 trucks".

Ahh yes, trucks. True to every little boy stereotype he loves trucks, trains, tractors, and cars. He has a wide variety of toys, even a baby doll, but this is his current obsession. And we talk about them and he tells me the scooper or the digger. I'll have to educate myself to continue keeping up with him. Of course, bugs are also on the list, but mostly to point them out and get excited about them. He has tried to pet a bee, luckily I caught him first. He still loves books more than anything and can now recite them word for word, page by page.

Kian also thinks he's a lot bigger and older than he is, by default of being the oldest/only child. I see this as my childhood trait as well. Kevin was/is the baby and never seems to get that. Kian thinks he can play every sport and game and do every activity, no matter what it is, that older kids or adults do. Today he cried and cried until Kevin played pool with him. Then he begged and cried Kevin to go fishing. "Daddy go fishing pole!" Over and over. I said that I didn't care if it was raining, I needed to finish a cake and clean the house and would Kevin please just take him?! They did and had a blast. Try telling a 2 year old he isn't old enough to cut with a knife, play pool, use daddy's drill, to name a few. It does not go over well. I'm all about the teaching him to use some things appropriately under our watch or use stand ins for the same idea. Kevin, not so much-just tells him he's too little. But, I don't want to squash his enthusiasm and love of learning. And yes, there are boundaries and I do say no and there are limits to what he can do.

I look forward to see Kian become a big brother. I know there will be some rough times, but I think he will do an amazing job of caring for, helping with, and teaching his little brother so many things. I pray his personality doesn't change, his persistence and hungry mind continue to grow and develop. I love him being mommy's boy and hope he always remembers that. I love his independence but also his need to come back and fill up on snuggles and to have us explain and teach him more. I even love when he tries to be naughty but just can't because he's laughing too hard and he knows he wants to please us too. Even though I am not the social part of this marriage, Kian gets that from Kevin, I love that he is uninhibited in most social situations and his willingness to try new things. I hope to foster that and I know it will take him far and let him discover so much in life.

To my dear, sweet imp, the shadow of a baby behind a little boy, who's eyes sparkle with joy and even naughtiness, who's hugs are tight squeezes, who loves to pet his baby brother, who can't sit without questioning and learning life, who is my pure joy, day in and day out, who's giggles make a bad day go away in an instant, I love you more than you know and hope you have a great second birthday. Always know you are special because you made us parents. May this new year be a blessed one as you forge a new relationship with your baby brother and we get to know you even more. May you never stop loving to learn and continue to amaze with all you do. I love you! Happy 2nd Birthday Kian!


Allisan said...

happy birthday kian!!!!!!!!

lookinggood said...

Oh, the note to Kian you wrote at the end of this post is wonderful. Print that out and save it for him.

Love the pics of the fisherman. The one of Kian with his hat on alone in the pic, I love it! Those curls are the best. Make em last as long as you can!