Birthday pics

Welcome to Two. I hope it is as good to you (and us) as one was!

I don't think I've stopped moving in 3 days, except the 2 hour nap Kian and I took this afternoon. I had to, I haven't in a long time, but I got hit with the nasty cold and yucky cough that Kian had last week. I came home early to rest up. And will be hitting the sack again shortly. Kevin is upstairs painting the baby's room. Go Kevin!

This was Monday or Tuesday night, I'm not sure which. Before the torrential, never-ending rain started. They were herding the geese in Churchville Park.

Kian throwing rocks in the creek-kept him entertained for at least an hour.

Kevin fishing under the bridge. I like this, now I need to figure out how to use it in some good pictures.

Too cute.

It rained for at least 3 days straight. By Saturday, we were all miserable. I was trying to bake and decorate cakes, while Kevin finished up last minute cleaning and Kian just wanted to go outside. I told Keivn to just take him out, I didn't care where, I didn't care for how long and I didn't care how wet they got. They went back to Black creek (it wasn't raining there-go figure) and fished and played in the water so I could finish everything in the house.

Luckily, the rain stopped around 4:30 am on Sunday, the sun came out and dried everything up just in time for the party. It went well, plenty of food (I always worry I don't have enough) even though I did mess up the potato salad! I used Russet instead of white potatoes--such a shame, sorry Gram! But, Kian had a blast!

Loving his new baseball set from Gramps
Yes, he's batting right in this picture, he bats left mostly, but is a switch hitter. I hear they make more money...same with left handed pitchers? =D

Of course a box is a great present as well!

Patrick & Savannah aka "Packy & Nannah"

Kenny giving Kian a ride in his new wagon

Kiara trying out the tee-ball

Kian's new train table from the in-laws

First fishing pole from Pat & Savannah
love his zoo birthday crown from school?

Courtesy of Elissa: me with the so-so cake
(the engine car just would not come out right! pieces were sliding all over!)

Kian blowing out his candle--almost burning his lips off!

Next's just cake and ice cream party. Sorry, no more barbeques and Wegmans' catered lunches! =) I'm sure Kian will want friends at next year's party, and that will be an awful lot of work, so cake and ice cream only! Besides it will be baby #2's first birthday next year, I guess he'll get the big party.

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