Independence Day...a week later

We spent the (finally) nice day at home, then went to the festival and parade in Chili. There was a firetruck for the kids to play on and look around. Kian loves firetrucks, but apparently not after a nap and up close. He barely wanted to be near it.

My boys waiting for the parade

Crazy-haired, just woke up dude

I don't know what I did to this one, playing around in the photo editing, but it looks like a newspaper photo to me. Kian and Grant waiting for the parade to start (it took forever!).

Kian waving his flag

All American

Waiting for the "firetrucks, boom boom!" After they were done he finally called them fireworks.

I didn't get to take many photos since Kian wanted me to cover his ears and I couldn't play with the camera settings. Oh well.

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