The List, The Plan

So, last time we were at the hospital with Kian we didn't have a plan. Oh, we had a birth plan, and that got thrown out the window. The plan I mean is the one on how, when and who was going to do the contacting of everyone (family and friends) about Kian's arrival. We never gave it a thought and relied on our parents and friends to pass the words. That didn't work so well, as there was several family and friends that didn't get the message until a few days later. Bummer. You should have just been like Jon I guess and called straight to the hospital =)

This time around we're thinking about a better way to pass the information. There are a lot more options this time: we could send a picture/text to many people, we can designate a "caller" or "emailer". But, the best is that since Kian's birth Strong now has wifi at the hospital. And, we have a laptop. Genius. So, compiling a list of email addresses to take with us is one thing on our list of "to-do's". Another is to put the camera upload program onto Kevin's laptop so we can instantly send pictures of the baby along with that email. also offers free announcement email cards, all we have to do is fill out the info and attach a picture. So many options this time.

Realizing that we have about 9 or less weeks (I'm feeling less) left before baby's arrival I started making a list of things to do. That's not much time really, if you think about it.

Picture program on computer
List of email addresses and phone numbers
Pack my bag
Pack baby's bag, along with things for Kian
Figure out what we're doing with Kian (we want him there and involved as much as possible)
Make and freeze some dinners/buy some easy cook meals/dishes
Put car seat back together (we took all the fabric off to wash and clean out after Kian was done)
Install car seat in van (and figure out the seating arrangement with the two of them)
Write up birth plan--again
Talk with doctor about my plan
One more ultrasound on 8/5/09
Hit up someone to clean the bathtub for me in a few weeks =D
Buy a new bra--oh you didn't want to hear that? sorry.
Steam clean the carpet in the family room, yes it needs it badly.
Take Kian to Build-A-Bear to make something for the baby

and probably other things I'm forgetting... like how I want to pick raspberries and blueberries and make jam... yeah... it's called nesting. =)

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Allisan said...

Add my name to the email list :) I am beyond excited for you!