Annoying Obsession

Not mine. His:
This cat, is OBsessed. Majorly, annoyingly, obsessed. With what, you ask? Me. Yes, strange but true. I can't move without him, and he refuses to leave me alone for even a second.

When I was pregnant for Kian he laid on me, on my belly, and then when Kian was born he laid curled around Kian. But, it was never to this magnitude. It's insane! If we are outside he claws at the windows and screens and meows pitifully until we come in. He lays on my bed, on my pillows, on my belly all night long, to be as close to me as possible.

Rocky's always had a "foot fetish" but last night was ridiculous. He was licking the bottom of my feet, biting my feet and rolling all over them. He's so weird, so strange. Maybe he needs some drugs. If he gets too hot at night, he gets under the bed, claws around the box spring, lays there and meows to me. I really just want to call him retarded, but I know that's not appropriate to use that word. Moron is what I have been calling him. It's something to do with this baby, maybe he knows something I don't know, but it's got to stop soon. Unless he can predict this baby's arrival...

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19D Guard Wife said...

Our cat did the same thing to me at the end of my pregnancy with Eli. It was excessive and frustrating, I couldn't move without her on top of me...hang in there 62 days to go. She backed off a little once I went into labor :)