Baby's room

Baby's room is pretty much finished. Well, we do need a closet door or fabric or something. We bought some new bedding, as Kian never really had a "set" and most of his sheets got ruined. I feel like he needed something "new" of his own since all clothes, toys and gear are hand-me-downs. Not that he will care.

Don't mind the naked boppy, the cover is in the wash.

I should have taken off the blanket covering the changing pad. Underneath is a really cute green and brown, big-circle, fuzzy cover. We didn't want the cats getting it furry.

Please note the large brown basket full of cloth diapers. Excited to be getting those out again. I used them for 8 months with Kian before he started daycare. So much better, cheaper, and not having that chemical smell when you open a package? Yuck. I also have a lot of new cute covers--Christmas ones, Dr. Seuss ones, etc.

I just emptied those 2 bins (0-6 month clothes) and realize that Kian had more clothes as a newborn than I have had in my entire life. The top drawer is packed so full of onesies-it's insane!

He was trying to help me put together the activity pad and playing with the bouncy seat. He thinks he can still sit in it, um no. For now, my sewing table is in there. We're thinking of putting it on the front porch for 'craft area'. But since, he won't even be in this room right away, it's fine there for now.

The curtains will be replaced, those are just old ones we had on there. The light? Ugh. NOT staying, it was our "painting" lamp. So, I'll be finding a nice soft baby-friendly one.

The bassinet will be moving into our room shortly. I'm debating about recovering or replacing the rocking chair pads. We need a couple more sheets, a few more burpcloths, and I want another swaddle blanket, but other than that, we're all set! Just a few small things left to do before he arrives-won't be too long now!


Allisan said...

Swaddle blankets are a must! Chloe loves hers, she is sleeping 7-8 hours now! Let me know what you need, I gotta get you something for the new baby :) I love shopping for baby stuff :)

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Anonymous said...

I think it is a great, bright room for a new one.