I finally made some time to go through our video camera and upload it to the computer. I am still in the midst of editing a lot of "film". It's kind of film. I think there's a cassette in there...who knows. I only have the editing program that came with the computer: MovieMaker. So, not a lot I can do, but trim it up and make sure it's void of random camera swinging, burps, breaks of silence, etc. Here's one of Kian singing a song from daycare. I need to ask them the real words, all I can get is: "Thank you Father for...? many blessings, amen, amen." Not sure what the middle might be.

And now...I just found some Christmas 08 and Fall 07 video footage I never edited or compiled. Oops! And I have 3 years worth of videos to burn on DVDs. Aye! I am way behind. Better get going before new baby comes! Then I have over a week's worth of photos to upload and edit...sheesh...what have I been doing lately? Oh...right. Work, boys, gardening, holidays, parties...ya =D

Oh, and we taped almost the entire hour of fireworks show, but Kevin really wanted to get the crazy finale: Go Here to see it on YouTube. Thanks, Gravel Ponds Campgrounds!


My name is Heather. said...

it's "thank you Father, thank you Father, for this food, for this food. Many many blessings, Many many blessings. Amen, Amen."

lookinggood said...

SO cute! I think the song is Thank you Father for the food. good, food, same thing right? Just my guess :)