Of course

Of course as soon as (my favorite) ultrasound tech said "He's got hair" and I said "oh really? Cuz I haven't had heartburn yet." I got tons of it. To make up for it all I'm sure. Every day since I've had bouts of it, and I haven't had an of those heartburn inducing foods. Fun stuff.

Even more fun was last night Kevin spilled pop and Kian spilled milk at the same time and I slipped and fell in it. Landed hard on my left elbow, skinned my right knee and right elbow, but managed to land more on the side and not my belly. I swear it was broken that instant. I couldn't move my elbow and it brought me to tears it hurt so bad. Being cautious we went to the Urgent Care center (who wants to wait that long in ER and pay that co-pay?) they checked everything out. By that time, I'd had it on ice for quite a while and it was beginning to feel not as bad. They decided to not do x-rays because really pregnant women aren't supposed to get them. We wrapped it in an ace bandage and have continued icing it. It's feeling a lot better. Baby checked out fine, he was moving around like a .... a.... I don't know, something that moves a lot? It's too early to think of good or funny analogies! Although my back and neck definitely need an adjustment now! We got home around 8, cuddled with Kian on the couch and then he and I went to bed at 9pm. Dad called around 9:45, talked to him for a bit then went back to bed with Kevin at 10.

But, the best part? I woke up to SUNSHINE in my face!!! Do you know how long it's been since the SUN woke me up? Ages. I can't remember how long. It's always dark and rainy when I wake up this past month. That made me happy. I think we're laying low today, the three of us will hang here and do some fun stuff before parade and fireworks later.


Anonymous said...

I used to find chewing gum helped with the heartburn
EXTRA has only 5 calories and doesn't stick to your teeth

My name is Heather. said...

thanks for the natural heads up. we are a pretty natural family as well, so i will definately try those suggestions.