Baby update

Had our 3rd ultrasound today, kidn of liking being able to see him every 6 weeks and watching him grow. We weren't able to get any pictures or 3D views because he buried his head. He is now head down and facing my spine. Which, I knew already. He really flip-flopped about a week ago and since then I've been feeling little heels up at the top, and also my hernia wasn't sticking out as much, so I figured his back or butt had to be covering it. It's a win-win situation! And we want him to stay in this position for the nex 8-10 weeks (or whenever he decides to come out) no breech babies, no sunny-side up babies! Got that little man?

However, we got great views of everything else. His heart still looks good. The echogenic focus (bright spot) on his heart valve is actually fading. I didn't see it right away, like I did last time. and we all (tech included) said it's definitely faded and not as bright as before. From my research it says most of them do go away on their own in the third trimester. That's good news. It means our chances of chromosomal abnormalities are slimmer. It means they aren't really concenred about heart problems--not that they were before, since all the chambers are working properly and heart rate is good. She measured all his bones and head and abdomen and siad he looks really good. She also said she saw hair! I was kind of surprised, with Kian I had a lot of heartburn and he had a good amount of hair. I havent' had any real heartburn (save for the pepperoni nights) to make me think he had much hair.

Weighing in at 3 lbs even and around 15 inches I think. Rigfht where he should be for gestational age. This is good news, means that right now the cord issue, of only having 2 vessels instead of 3, is not affecting his growth at this point. Yay. Thank you God for good news!

Although, I did the math. This means he will gain about 4 lbs and 6 inches in 10 or less weeks. That's a half an inch per week, and 6.5+ ounces per week. That's a lot of growing! So, all of those people who say I don't look so big now, just wait. Just like last time, I'll probalby blow up like a beached whale at the end. =D

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