More "Kian-isms"

The kid is becoming quite funny, well to me at least. I need to write these down or in his baby book, because I've already forgotten most of them.

Every day this week: "Kian go to work, Kian work with mommy". I then tell him he can't that day because i have meetings, maybe another day. To which he replies "Kian have meetings too."

While on the quiet creek, paddling in the canoe, he sat alone in the middle seat, all big and proud, quietly contemplating the scenery, biting his lip. Then, poor mommy in her 8 month pregnant body that makes noises and has burps and heartburn and you name it, interrupts the silence with these noises. He turns to me, very seriously says "Mommy pooped." Kevin about fell out of the canoe laughing. He got his when he took the opportunity to pass gas and Kian screams loudly "daddy pooped! daddy pooped!".

He's been very concerned about NeeNee's boo boo on her belly and her being sick. He prayed for it two nights in a row and asks about it in the morning. (She had been sick on Sunday and Monday and went to the doctor, who sent her to the ER, they then removed her appendix that night! She's on her 4th surgery! But went home the next day and doing well. I bet no one let Gram know did they? Well, they didn't tell me until the next night either! See how I rate.)

And Kian has cemented and solidified our baby name choice. He's only heard us mention it once, as we talk about it after he goes to bed. But, that didn't stop him from lately referring to the baby by this name. We looked at each other and said "guess that's it then." Done deal.

Of course I forgot the several other funny things he's said lately.

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Allisan said...

So what's the babys name?!