Singing along

Kian talks. And talks. And talks. It's surprising to me, who thought that boys didn't talk as much as little girls. But, I was wrong. Kevin and I can talk, but also have very quiet times where we don't say much at all. Kian makes sure to fill up every second of that.

What does he say? Everything. Anything. It doesn't matter. He will fill in spaces with colors, numbers (counting to 30) shapes, etc. He will describe everything that everyone is doing, has done and will do. ("Acey is drinking. He's hitting the water bowl. Acey needs to go potty".) On and on.

He calls himself "Kian" most of the time. He uses I for "I'm all done" or "I want more" whatever it is. But, "Kian get it, do it," is pretty cute. I tried last night to have him say "My___" but he kept saying "No, Kian's__". And "Mommy, carry you" is one of my favorites. I say "me" and he says "No, carry you". I oblige sometimes, as it's harder to actually carry him lately.

But, besides talking, he's singing, and singing and singing some more. He's got your typical nursery rhymes down. This morning in the car he was singing "my bonnie lies over the ocean". Last night while we were in BJ's he started singing. I wasn't even paying attention to the song on the overhead system, but he was. I stopped and realized he was singing "good day, sunshine" the Beatles song. The day before in the car I stopped to listen and he was singing "only the lonely". Where is he getting all this from? Daycare? Perhaps, but I usually hear the Christian station or kids' songs there. I listen to Christian or Country, and Kevin? Well he's got quite the eclectic mix of rap, r&b, country, old school rock, you name it.

I do believe the CD player and a wide range of CDs are in order for Christmas. I'll have to introduce him to some world ethnic tunes too... The things they learn without you even trying...amazing. Maybe it was Patrick and Jon sending him Beatles songs now that I think of it...


Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed to have such a happy-healthy-inquisitive-intelligent child. ENJOY!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I heard Judah sing "Ghost Train" perfectly tonight. Guess I listen to Marc Cohn a lot!

Isn't the best listening to their little voices singing? :)