Busy week...then...taking it easy

This week is a very busy week at work. I am trying to cram as many last minutes visits in as I can. I've seen a lot of clients this month in anticipation of "office only" duty in August. I have at least 2 visits per day, driving all over the county, every day. Usually I have a few per week. It wears on you, driving around the entire Monroe County, in a hot car, needing to use the bathroom, being hungry...you get the idea.

With Kian's pregnancy, I also had the last month as an office month. This is both per work and doctor's request. Neither one wants me out on Avenue D going in to labor or out in the ends of the county with my water breaking. And let's face it, we go in some, shall we say, not so good areas and safety is a concern with my clumsiness, inability to run away, being an easy target, etc.

So, August will see me sitting at my desk, making lots of calls, mailing lots of letters, finalizing files and charts for coworkers, etc. This will be easier on me not having to haul my large self around 3 floors, around the city in the parking lot and driving all over in the hot (wait, will August even be 'hot'?) car. It frees up a lot of time to make sure files are perfect before handing them over to coworkers, which I know they immensely appreciate. =)

Just push it through this week and I'm golden.

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