Kian at the pool during Kevin's family reunion. LOVES it. My water baby.

I told Kevin i need him to take a picture in this shirt because when I wore it with Kian I was way, way bigger. But, I can't find that picture yet. I am 20 lbs less right now then what I ended Kian's pregnancy, and safe to say with only 6 weeks left I will not be gaining that much. So, glad! And I still have a waist you can see! It was gone before this with Kian. My arms and face aren't huge like last time either! Yay!

But, it just looks like I'm being goofy. I was really telling him there was a squirrel flying out of the tree above my head. He didn't listen and was just snapping away. Blah. oh well. 33 weeks. I say 6 weeks left because that's what I'm aiming for =)

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