Saturday Morning Post

It was just one of those weeks. I seem to have those a lot lately. Hormones are making me progressively emotional and irrational. And this baby likes to cause trouble and hide for a couple days and make me think something is wrong with him. But it's not. He's going to be that wild-child, I can see a lot of issues coming down the line. I"m scared! Kian's pretty easy going and compliant. We are in trouble.

Work is just getting to me, especially doing so much for other people and their kids while mine sits in daycare and cries every morning not to go. And I am feeling the need for some alone time or to just be pampered, but it ain't happening. Took some time off here and there this week to just get away from it all, which was nice.

My dad came up with the kids for dinner last Saturday and helped Kevin hang a light. It was nice. He's going to bring us their canoe that hasn't been used in a few years--since they go the boat so we can use it on the creeks/rivers up here.
Sunday, we went to Kevin's family reunion. It turned out to be a decent day and Kian went swimming in the kiddie pool, loved it and didn't want to get out. Now, he's been asking me everyday to go swimming.
Tuesday, I talked to the supervisor about the possibility of trying to work from home a few days after maternity leave. Wonder if they'll do part-time? As a way to come up with ideas on how to financially keep things straight. I need to write up a proposal and she will go over it with the director. We'll see...
Thursday, Kevin and I came home and had lunch together, took a nap, cleaned up the garage, then picked up Kian and had big ice cream cones for an early dinner. After that, we came home and played outside for a bit (ok Kian did, I read my magazine on the swing) and then had a "real" dinner later on. It was a nice change of pace.

Last night we had (coerced?) Jon helping us rearrange the basement, more functional and accessible to what we need and it looks better. The babies room is done, needs to air out a bit more because of the paint smell. And I was finally sleeping good last night but Kian woke up at 6 am, yuck. I think he heard Kevin leaving for work. So, here I sit in my pajama shorts and a sweatshirt! because it's freezing out right now. That's right folks, NY summer is officially NOT a summer. We've only hit 80 or more a few times. And the rain? Let's not even talk about that. It's too depressing.

But! Kian dove headfirst into potty training and we're going with it. He's been asking to wear underwear and I have let him a bit on the weekends and he does okay. He goes every time we take him to pee, but has no interest in the other thing yet. This week he asked to wear underwear to school. I was hesitant, but there are other kids in the room working on it and I talked to the teacher about it and decided okay, let's do this. He had one accident the first day of underwear at school. That was it. They take him about every hour, which is what I do, sometimes less if he has more to drink. He gets a nap for diaper and night-time. He seems to either wake up with a dirty diaper or wait until he gets his nap diaper and then goes, which is fine with me for now. Every diaper I don't have to put on him saves me money and the environment. I am not making high expectations and he doesn't need any bribing or rewards to go or try. The Elmo and truck undies and our minimum praise are enough for him to keep goign with it. Just having him peeing in the toilet/day trained before this baby comes would be a blessing.

The best part, the funniest part, the highlight of my week (sadly) is when Kevin called me yesterday. I was getting ready to leave work and he had just picked Kian up and was in the car, driving home. He asked me when I was coming home, and I asked how Kian's day was and if he had any accidents. He told me that Kian was dry all day at daycare. He was holding Kian on his side and talking to the teacher and she was telling him how great Kian was doing with the potty training...when he felt this warm, wet feeling all over his shirt. I couldn't stop laughing. Kian peed on him on the way out the door, after having a perfectly dry day. Oh, the irony. I told him, finally, he gets what I've been getting since Kian was born-pooped on, peed on, puked on, etc.

Another random thing-I've noticed lots of other bloggers have a signature at the end of their posts. I did some investigating and found a site that does them. No, it's not my own writing. I didn't have a mouse pen thingy to do it. So, I just picked a cool one that resembles how I write some of my letters. Problem is, I can't figure out how to make it post on it's own. I have to paste it on the bottom of every post. Oh well, that's the last thing I need to waste my time on. =)

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lookinggood said...

Too bad, that is pretty cool handwriting. You sound so prepared for baby #2. That must be a great feeling. I do hope that work is flexible, I can't imagine they are excited about losing you as an employee so my fingers are crossed for you.

As for Kevin getting peed on, you just made my day. Actually, I think you just made my month. Thanks Kian :)

One more thing to plan prior to baby day...the shower. Come on, all you have to do is pick a date and post it on facebook. You do not have to do anything else. We can each bring a dish to pass for a breakfast brunch thingy. The stripper is reserved for august 20th, so if I don't see any plans...

I'll do it, really I will. Just ask Kevin.