What day is it again?

Today is my Monday. But, it's actually Tuesday. I like that. It means my week is shorter and makes me happy. I took yesterday off to use some personal time up and because Kevin's mom was away so I didn't have a sitter anyway. Kian was beyond thrilled to be able to stay home with mommy all day and no school. His words exactly. I offered to take him to pick berries, or go swimming or go somewhere, he said no. He just wanted to stay home and I was more than happy to oblige.

I got a lot of little things done around the house, crossed off things on my 'to do' list. We did "craffs and projects" all morning, per Kian's request. He made a puppet out of a paper bag, traced stencils, colored, cut and glued random things and we played with play dough. He loved every minute of it. And he didn't have one single accident all morning!

We went to the park and had dinner with friends. Kian played with the boys and enjoyed himself, and was rather quiet compared to his usual self. Kevin of course put him in a diaper, I feel like it's 2 steps forward and one step backward. Grr. Of course, then Kian was up and couldn't settle and didn't fall asleep until just before 10. Yes, 10 PM. Ugh. He woke up happy this morning though, we shall see. I'm sure by 5 pm it will be grump-a-saurus. He did remind me at 9:30 last night as I went to check on him, that we still needed to go berry picking. yes, we will. I need to make freezer jam.

And I'm hoping his happy, loving obsession with baby brother continues after the baby actually comes out and is here all the time.

And, I must get back to work now, school meetings call....

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