Not much exciting going on around here. Just hanging around, trying to stay cool since summer finally decided to arrive here in western NY. Not complaining though, since I've had a decent summer so far, and have felt great.

At work I am just trying to finalize things, get everything ready and prepared for my leave. Making lots of lists and keeping up on all the little details so when the girls take over my cases they won't freak out and will know what is going on with them.

This weekend we took Kian for a swim in Jon's pool. He's getting braver in the water, even though he can't touch the bottom. He wasn't afraid to climb down and sit on the ladder. He hung out in his tube for awhile. And then he wanted to jump in the pool. Over and over. And I had to catch him. Well, I was supposed to...until that last time. He slipped out of my hands and into the water (shallow, don't worry) but I couldn't exactly see him well, with this belly and all. And Kevin and Jon were playing "jump in the pool and catch the frisbee in mid-air" so I felt around and grabbed him up. He was only under about 3-5 seconds. He started crying, and then I saw blood. So, I think he was crying more from the injury than being under the water. We think either on the way down or me pulling him up he hit his head on the thermometer hook. He had a little gash and of course it bled a bit. But, after we dried off and made sure he was okay, he wanted to go back in the pool. I guess the drowning attempt didn't scare him much, which is good. I don't' want him to be afraid of the water.

Sunday we went to Build-A-Bear so Kian could make a bear for his baby brother. He's only been once, but knew exactly what we were talking about. I am not sure how much he understands it's going to be baby brother's bear. We keep explaining it. He picked out a silky, soft chocolate bear, stuffed it and got it a shirt that says "it's a boy". And because they are having a great deal right now (ANY animal, no matter the price, with ANY outfit, no matter the price with ANY pair of shoes, no matter the price, all for $29!!) we got him a Bills jersey and cleats for his bear and dog he has at home already. We are saving it to give him later, when the baby is born. We've kept the bear for brother in the box in the baby's room. He's asked to look at it a few times, but we remind him it's for baby brother on his birthday. He seems okay with that. I highly recommend taking advantage of that deal though. I almost want to go back. The bear and the outfit that is normally 16.50 and the shoes that are normally 7.50, we saved a good bit of money.

Yesterday, Kian and I played in his pool. He told me to "put on bathing soup, mommy" so I did and sat in it and let him spray me with the hose. When it's over 90 and humid, I almost enjoyed it. I hate spending so much time inside, but when you can't breathe outside at all, and swell as soon as you walk out the door, there's not really much choice. He helped me water the flowers and tomatoes. We are finally getting some tomatoes from the garden now that it's been sunny for a full week. Not that you can really see my garden under all the weeds...oh well, maybe next year!

And so it goes the rest of the week, getting things done and prepared at work, getting things done and prepared at home...7 more days of daycare for Kian. I'm scheduled to work until 9/4 but we'll see how it goes. Each week the Braxton-Hicks contractions get more uncomfortable and a few have been painful. All part of the process, I suppose and would rather have it come about naturally than induced like last time. I'm almost...excited for labor. I'm just weird like that.

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Anonymous said...

enjoy the weather while you can. it'll only be a matter of weeks before you have to get out the winter garb.