Potty training

So, we're in the middle of this potty training thing. Overall, it's going well. Kian wears underwear every day, all day. He wears a diaper for bed and nap, that's it. We have been able to go out to restaurants, stores, etc. and come home with dry underwear (except for one or two occasions). I'm happy with this. He actually lets us know more when we're out that he has to go. He loves to yell in the restaurant "I have to go pee!" Fun times with a toddler; goes with the territory I suppose.

When we're home and because it's so hot, he's usually just in underwear and no clothes. He's a bit of nudist at times and him being naked actually has made him way more aware of when to go. The only time he's pooped in the toilet was when he was running naked in the house all day. And that, is where we're at now. Kian is now holding it until he gets a diaper on to poop. (Is typing poop a lot in my blog kind of gross?) He went once at school and once at home in the toilet. I know it takes a lot of kids longer to do that in the toilet than just pee. He tells me he has to go, sits there forever (last night it was almost an hour combined with the multiple times he got on the toilet) but doesn't go. Not sure if he's afraid or what.

So, all those who have trained boys, teach me. How do you get them to poop in the toilet? And I know he's not quite ready yet, but when do you start the 'standing up to pee' thing? He did it outside once and got the biggest kick out of it. Apparently thrilling for a 2 year old. Right now, I'm not pushing too hard on the issue because I'm just not physically capable of keeping it up. I'm just happy he goes and doesn't have accidents. And usually if he does have accidents, it's our fault for not making sure he's gone recently or near a bathroom when he needs it. Oops.

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