Thoughts on the final stages of pregnancy

There's been quite a few ups and downs with this pregnancy and baby and it's definitely been a roller coaster of emotions. And even as we're down to the last few days (hours?) it's still quite the ride. We've been through more tests than I ever have in my life, but baby's fine after all of it. Thank you God.

I'm finding myself very anxious to meet him and get him in my arms to see for myself he's okay. I do hate having to share my babies once they are out though! I Love being pregnant (most of the time, besides those uncomfortable moments and achy body) but still am glad to get to this point.

I'm nervous about labor, yet excited. I want to do a natural birth again. But it's not far removed from last time that I have forgotten it. They promise me the second one will be much better, especially if he comes on his own, rather than on their terms like before. I pray it is.

I'm really excited for Kian to meet his baby brother, but nervous about having TWO. Wondering what that will be like, will I handle it? Of course I can...right?

This past year has been rough, for me, for my family, and several friends as well. It was definitely a year of trials and testing. So, for that reason I am looking forward to a happy occasion to finish out the year with.

On that note, I am off to bed to rest up in case tonight's the night...

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