Weekend pictures and update

I'm a little behind lately on blogging; not that anyone would notice. Over the weekend we went to my 10 year high school reunion. Odd that it seems that long ago, but yet, not very long at all. It was a nice, relaxed picnic with not a lot of people, but it was good to see everyone and catch up. Kian loved playing with all the little boys there. Seriously, I think there was 2 girls? Just lots of little boys. Boys and rocks, and trucks. They were set.

And Robin and Jason

I didn't get many pictures of other people, I kind of forgot to get the camera out. It was at Powder Mills Park, with some beautiful flowers...

And the fish hatchery! Kian was beyond thrilled.

This fish was enormous, compare the size of the fish to the small one underneath it and the duck above it. It was crazy!

Of course, we got home and Kian promptly got sick with a fever, and then threw up a little later. Since he hadn't eaten much, not sure what that was about. The fever continued into Monday morning. Sunday around lunch, after he hadn't eaten in a day, I noticed spots on his tongue and Monday he got a couple around his feet. Yep, hand, foot & mouth. Fun times. He stayed home with grandma Monday and Tuesday. But, by Tuesday morning he was fine. He was actually wild and crazy. His 2 year molars are almost in, so that's been enjoyable as we're back to the chewing on everything, put everything in our mouth stage again.

And tell me this, someone help me out here-my kid is nuts. He's obsessed with drinking water. I know, horrible right? Well, he drinks/licks it from the floor, from the deck, from chairs, from the garage floor, from puddles, anywhere there's pooling or standing water he drinks it! Ugh, so gross! He always has a drink nearby, so it's not that he should be thirsty. The whole telling him it's gross and will make him sick thing doesn't work. Any ideas?

But! We're making a breakthrough here! He went poopy on the potty all by himself on Monday and Tuesday-twice! He goes pee on the toilet all the time, unless he's so absorbed in play he forgets at first. He's very proud of himself and I love not having to use stickers or candy or anything for bribes. We're on our way, hopefully this doesn't regress when the baby arrives.

Had another doctor's appointment Tuesday morning. This baby is a trouble-maker. He goes through these cycles of not moving/barely moving for 2 days, then I freak out, go in and get him checked out and he likes to make me look stupid. He starts swinging around in there like it was nothing. But we're going for a biophysical profile Thursday (an ultrasound in which they test and score certain things like movement, tone, heart rate, etc.) just to make sure we're still all good. Last night and today he was up to his usual antics-which include doing acrobatics and dancing a jig every morning from 4-5 am. That's fun.

I say, let me get through this week at work and get it all set and then you can come anytime you want to. Kian is way excited. He tried to get me to let him "talk to baby brother, see baby brother" in Wegmans Sunday. Um, no. He means let me see the belly, lift up the shirt and let me drool and love on it. Not in the store, sorry. Here's hoping he's as much in love with the actual baby as he is the belly.

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