Had enough yet?

I am working on a post about something other than Kian's funny sayings. I just haven't had much time to sit and type more than a few sentences, you know between the feedings and changings and potty training and food-making and more feedings and more changings...

This morning, he runs into my room at 7 am sharp (his new wake-up time) to "see my baby". He climbs on the bed, screeching this high-pitched squawk. I ask him to be quiet because the baby (and me!) is sleeping. He says "I can't mommy, I'm a mouse". I ask him "oh, so that's a mouse squeaking? Well, mice squeak quietly". He did try to squeak/squawk quietly, but it didn't work so well.

He then leans over Karter, waving his hands and going "ta da! ta da!" I ask him what he is doing and he says "waking him up". Of course, it only makes sense to do magic to wake up the baby, because the squawking wasn't enough!"

And how did he know, who taught him about magic and tada anyway? The tv certainly hasn't been on this week and he doesn't have any books about that...

Last night, he grabs his clean pillowcase from the laundry and steps into it. He pulls it up to his waist, looks at us and goes "I'm Jesus!"

Must be all the Bible stories with pictures of Jesus in his robes? Honestly, I am not sure where he gets all this stuff. But, it's darn entertaining, that's for sure. And being exhausted and a little overwhelmed right now, I enjoy it...even though this 26 month old child has the vocabulary and conversational skills of a three year old and it makes my head spin!

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