Week 2: adjusting and settling in

So, you've noticed my blogging has been short and sporadic. Except you haven't, because no one really reads my blogs. Well, the last two weeks, Karter's first two weeks, have been a definite adjustment-not in a bad way, and learning how to settle in with two boys and all the daily routines.

Let me just start by saying I totally freaked out this morning because I had to get up, get showered, get both boys dressed, fed and have Karter to the doctor...at 10:45. I know, I know! That's not early. But, that's my point! Because, I realized that going back to work would mean all that and so much more, and earlier. Ooooooh! Yeah, that royally stinks. But, I reminded myself, we still don't have much of a routine yet and in a few months Karter will have more of a 'schedule'--but don't look at me to have none of that Babywise crap scheduled for my babies!

(so excited Karter's in his bed with him)

Anyway, Kian is doing as well as can be expected. No tantrums, no jealousy (yet?) he just loves his baby brother. Or, as he says "my baby". He yells at the cats "don't see my baby brother!" He wants to hold him and kiss him and touch him and show him everything all the time. It's very sweet. I'm glad he's not angry or jealous, but there are a few issues we are having. He seems to have great days with potty training and then horrible days where he just wets all day long. He even pooped his pants once this week. He has been asking for a diaper (still refuses to go on the toilet, and right now, with all my "energy" I am fine with him asking for a diaper for poop, and just dealing with that part later) but then he just went in his underwear one morning. And, I'm not entirely sure, but I feel like Kian is having this issue mostly when he's with me. He went to grandma's for the morning and stayed dry, same as when she was here and I took Karter to the doctor. With Kevin, it's hit or miss. So, it may be a "you aren't giving me the attention you used to mommy" thing or that I can't just get up and take him; he used to take himself.
But, I'd rather have some wet underpants than a jealous toddler who wants to beat up the baby. He also likes to whine "I want mommy!" for everything lately. So, I am trying to spend even just a few minutes each day with him, without the baby in my arms. We've done a little painting, made some brownies, and I make sure that at night Kevin takes Karter downstairs and I spend about 10 minutes with Kian in bed-saying prayers, singing, or just snuggling. I know in a few weeks when things are more routine he'll be better and we'll have it figured out more.

(look at all that hair!!)

Karter is doing well. He went in for a 2 week check up and he's up to 8 lbs. and 9 oz. He had lost some and was down to about 7-12ish. So, he gained all that he lost and then some in the last week and a half. His umbilical cord stump (ew) fell off at 4 days and it healed nicely. He is no longer looking yellow and his eyes are finally getting rid of all the blood spots. They don't have any concerns with that; or any concerns with his heart or anything else. All those concerns in utero and the last month were for naught I guess. Thank you God! He's healthy and happy (as happy as a 2 week old can be I guess?) and sleeping in decent chunks of time. He loves to be awake from 8-10 or 11 am, then zonk out for 3-4 hours, waking only to eat until about 7 or 8 at night. Then he stays awake for another 2-3 hours and sleeps about 4 hour chunks at night. So, it's working rather well. He does love to eat every 30-60 mins while he's awake those large periods of time in the am and pm. I've gone to a dairy-free (milk free) diet because he was having some diarrhea and lots of spitting up/puking and not wanting to eat. It seems to have helped, he's no longer doing those things, and obviously growing!

Karter really only cries when he's starving and wants to "eat right now because it's been a few hours". He fusses and whimpers a bit at night or during the day if he's been in the bouncy seat or bassinet for too long. He loves to be held close and snuggled up, wrapped up tight and warm. He spends half the night in our bed with me, and for now it works for all of us to get more sleep.

Kevin's been working, but gets out some days fairly early, about the time Kian wakes up from his nap, so that is good for me. He's taken Kian for ice cream one night and fishing for an hour another day. It helps, but I think what Kian wants is alone time with me, so I'm working on that. I might even just take him to Wegmans with me for groceries this weekend so he can have mommy all to himself. The only thing that is lacking is housework and laundry. I totally forgot how much laundry a newborn makes! All that pooping and spitting up! And of course, Kian's accidents add to that. Oh well.

I'm still attempting to stand by my 'no tv rule' but it's hard when grandmas and daddy turn it on so they can have some peace and quiet. I told them if they do that it can only be one show per day and told them which ones were okay and not okay. Like anyone listens to me! But, when it's just mommy here, there's no tv on. Okay, except the last part of Rachel Ray so I can get some quick, easy dinner ideas! Other than that, we have not had it on. Kian's been playing playdoh, painted some, coloring a lot and back into his puzzles a lot lately. He spelled the word 'cookie' while looking at a Cookie Monster book the other day, made me proud-even if he doesn't know it meant cookie, he knew all the letters!

(A comparison of the two boys, each 2 weeks old)

I think they look different, like brothers, sure, but different. Karter's head is actually longer, Kian's was more rounded. Kian's hair was lighter and had a funky widow's peak hairline. And poor Karter has a much bigger nose, and bruising to go with it. =) But he's had that chubby double chin since birth, Kian had to work up to that one!

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