It's just too much

It's a good thing that Kian is incredibly cute, smart and entertaining; because some days I think I'm going to go nuts with his not listening and other toddler antics.

Yesterday he says to me "McQueen got hurt."
Me: That's too bad. Is he okay?
Kian: Yeah. He needs an elbow.
Me: Oh, he does? Hmm...where should we get one?
Kian: At the church.
Ok! I never knew the church provided elbows, especially for vehicles that never had them in the first place =)

Let me preface this by saying, we went to Toys R Us last night for a couple of good sales. While there, he saw all the Cars Movie toys, vehicles and some of the Mack trucks. One was very large and one was a regular Matchbox size. I told him we couldn't get the big one because it was too large and we didn't have enough money. I told him that maybe I'd look at another store and get him some Cars vehicles for Christmas. He's only seen the movie a couple times, for treats with daddy or grandparents (popcorn included!) but is pretty much obsessed with the vehicles. Typical boy.

Then saying his prayers last night, I asked him what he wanted to thank God for. This is his prayer, verbatim:
Thank you God for food, for my toys, Thank you God for McQueen. Thank you God for Mack. Thank you God for big Mack and thank you God for little Mack.

At this point, I jump in and ask if he'd like to pray for a person? He says "Yes, thank you God for NeeNee. Amen."

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