I'm late!

No! Not THAT kind of late! Trust me, no worries there. Sometimes I fear I may turn into my mother, in that she's always late. For everything. However, I do not like it, sometimes it just happens!

When it was just me, I was on time. When I had Kian, I might be a few minutes late, but if I absolutely needed to be on time, I definitely was. Now, with two kids? I'm about 15 minutes late for everything. Thankfully, nothing exceptionally important per se-no big meetings or anything. And I see Elissa has figured this out and adjusted her meeting times with me haha! Sorry!

I'm also dreadfully, terribly late in cards. I started thank you cards for the gifts everyone got for us and Karter. I think I got through 3 or 4. I have 3 birthday cards for family and friends who recently had birthdays. One is filled out and addressed, but missing a stamp. One is filled out, no envelope. And the other? (the one for my mother, oops!) is not even filled out at all, not even her name. Shame on me.

Forgive me, will you? In time I shall gain my brain back-I think?! It's the last minute diaper changes, spit-ups that need shirt changing, the last second "feed me now or I'll wither" screech, that keeps me from getting out the door on time-no matter how early I begin the process. Then of course, there will be a train. And then we'll hit the one way at a time construction stop.

So, if I tell you I am coming or meeting you, plan on seeing me late. But, I will always bring my screeching children to put a smile on your face. =)

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