Kian: live and unplugged

I thought it was so great to have a verbal child, an above-average talker who learned new words at the drop of a hat. Who has the conversation skills and vocabulary of a three year old. Who can articulate things so well...


Yesterday, I was coming back to the table while he was eating breakfast and he says (out of the blue) "you're dumb, mommy". There was a talking-to about that one. (that's a paddlin'!)

He heard Kevin call the cat a dingus, so he runs around singing "dingus, dingus" all day long. He tells me that he's a dingus, daddy's a dingus and Rocky's a dingus. At least it's not mommy.

Somewhere he heard the word 'dinglehopper' (no we haven't watched Little Mermaid, where they say it) and he calls himself that now.

He took my pen from me and I said "Kian, that's my pen".
"Actually, mommy, it's my pen" He says.

"I'm just really thirsty mommy; fill my water bottle up please."

Just? Really? Actually? All these complex and interesting words lately. I was so proud and pleased of my big boy when he called the neighbor Mister Taylor. And using his please and thank yous all the time lately. That, I can deal with.

Painting today: "feeking dupid paint" (freaking stupid paint) lovely. grrr. our only downfall is using that kind of language when the cats are doing bad things, running away and in the food, etc.

To make me feel like a horrible, terrible, no-good mother: after a rather crazy morning with a cranky Karter, who then had an explosion needing a bath, most of my time was spent holding or feeding the baby and Kian was getting rather crazy and annoyed. I asked him if he was upset when mommy had to hold and take care of Karter and not spend time with him, if it made him mad or sad. "How does that make you feel?" I asked. His heart-wrenching response? "Cry. I cry." I promised him some mommy and Kian only time very soon.

Upon waking, and waking everyone in the house, this morning he rushed into our bed and snuggled up to Karter stating: "Mommy, I love this new brother". Can't get any better than that.

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