Museum trip

We love our membership to the Strong Museum and thanks to Jon, will be enjoying it for at least another year. Just a few shots of our recent trip with Elissa and Grant. It's nice for them to play together and there's a lot they can do even at their age.

Here's Kian's television interview with Elmo:

Playing in "sand" aka plastic beads

Berenstain Bear Country, hoisting the produce up the conveyor belt

Groovin' Glor babies:

Kian's giving this kid "the look", I think he really wanted to run him over

We'll just call it a tie...even though Grant can't reach the pedals yet

The crazy room, one side makes you look huge, the other side makes you look very tiny

And of course, Kian's favorite place to hang out? The aquariums in the entrance. One wall aquarium and then 2 large tanks with all tropical "nemos" and "dories" as all the kids were calling them. Kian loved the puffer fish the most and kept running back to the tanks over and over. I told him we had fish at home, but I guess he didn't think it was quite the same. It was the first time I took KIan and Karter out besides someone's home or a store (where he/they are contained) and I put Karter in the sling and brought the umbrella stroller (mostly for carrying things) and let Kian walk (ahem run) around. He did good, listened pretty good, only ran off a few times. So, we will be going more often, as I know it went fairly smooth. I think we'll both need that, to get out of the house occasionally!

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