Like sands through the hourglass

...these are the days of our lives. No, I haven't taken to watching soaps. No time for that, and no desire either. We're still figuring out our routines and schedules and what things make for good days and what things make bad days happen.

Today was a great day. We went to my grandma's and visited with her and the kids. We came home for a late lunch quick, t hen took Kian out to the Fire station's open house in town. He loved that of course. No nap, but he did fine with that. (He refuses to sleep in the car anymore, no matter how long the drive!) Best part? He wore underwear all day and went on the toilet whenever we asked or told him too. He was too busy playing and being silly to remember himself, but stayed dry all day...until we were at the fire station. But, that was my fault. I told Kevin we should take him halfway through. We did the stupid parent mistake--asking him and when he said no, still not taking him. But, plastic underwear covers over his real underwear? Best thing ever.

Another thing I'm finally being able to be in tune with, is Kian's needs around adjusting to the baby and all the changes. I was just too tired and sore and worn out before. But, it's getting better. I've said many times before that he likes routine and is like me and likes to know what's going on, what the plans are, etc. and needs that processing and transition time. I realized he and I were used to getting up, ready and out the door in the morning. Then, once at daycare he had a full day lined up of playing, crafts, music and gym time, lunch, nap and more outdoor play. It hit me that this leisure, lounging around, not even always getting dressed and being too lax just didn't mesh well for him. There was not enough 'plan' in his day and everyday was different and he first took advantage of his free reign and second it just makes him wild.

So, the new plan is (and yes, I know that we need to allow for flexibility, that each day won't go smooth and like we say) for him and I to create a routine for each day and the week. I will include a library trip each week and maybe a museum trip (before our membership runs out!). Also, each day we will have a little routine so he knows what to expect, somewhat more than what's been going on. It will be simple, get dressed, eat, play, outside, lunch, "art" time (even if that's just coloring in a book!) etc. I think I am going to make little posters of the days' activities and post them, so he can look and see what's going on each day, or next. I think this will give us both a good plan to start with and help him . And sure, Karter will interrupt things, that's a given. Maybe one day will be great and we'll get to follow the routine, and then there will be more that don't. But, that's okay. I'm just shooting for like 14.29% right now =)
*that's 1 day out of 7, for those of you that couldn't figure out the math*

*here's Kian with the Cheerios box with my Aunt Jackie's picture on it! She's second from left. She's an ambassador for the Pink Together promotion. (Ok, it's something close to that, sorry I botched her title!) Two-time winner!

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